Whatsapp Document Storage

Whatsapp Document Storage

Whatsapp Document Storage

Whatsapp Document Storage -Whatsapp is one of the best application to communicate with your family, friends and loved ones. It is fast, easy to use, secure and runs on all kinds of Operating Systems Windows, IOS, Android and a lot more and Zuckerberg does not plan on charging users for this service.

There had been a lot of more Messaging Apps on App Store lately but none is even close on competing with Whatsapp. People have been using Whatsapp for messaging, sharing videos, pictures, voice memos, etc.

But there are couple more features of Whatsapp you need to start using today.

  1. Whatsapp Document Storage
  2. Share data between phone and PC or Laptop without using any cable of Bluetooth device.


Using Whatsapp Document Storage


  1. Create a new group on Whatsapp from your phone.
  2. Just add one of your other phone numbers and remove the phone number later from the group. If you want to share documents with someone, Add the person to the group.
  3.  Now you can share any documents to this group and will be private to you only.

Whatsapp Document Storage

Now you will have to access web.whatsapp.com in browser to access all your documents or upload more documents to group from Laptop or PC. Now this is the centarlized area where all your private documents are stored and can be accessed either from Phone or Laptop or PC. Once you send all the documents to the group, If the number of documents are huge, You have a search option on the top of the group where you can search the document by typing in the filename of the document. This way you can not only save documents but pictures, podcasts, voice memos, videos, music, pictures, web links and a lot more.

Once you share anything on one device, It is instantly available on the other.

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