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Theory of Infinity – Unexplained

Theory Of Infinity

What is Infinity?

Infinity is just an abstract concept defining something without any bound or something which is larger than any number. It is not a number but is assumed to be a number to prove various theories in Mathematics and Physics.

According to Calculus Infinite quantities are supposed to ideal entities, not of same nature as finite quantities but sharing the same properties.

Suppose X is an infinite quantity

We add X to X i.e

X+X= 2X

2X is still an infinite quantity. We cannot say 2X is greater than X as it is not a number just an assumption. We cannot add something to infinity.

Aristotle made some clarifications in the concept of Infinity, Potential Infinity and Actual Infinity. Earlier It was said that Infinity is not a process in time whereas Aristotle spoke of the Potential Infinity as a never ending process with time which is finite at some point of time. All problems relating to it could be solved by the concept of Actual Infinity instead of Potential Infinity which was an assumption. The community has always been keen of removing it from existence but ever since the discovery of embedding set theory into calculus. There has been a change in the mindset of the community regarding it. Use of it has gone too far and is indispensable in Physics and Mathematics. Anyone who proves the elimination of it from Mathematics and Physics without causing much damage will be one hell of an Intelligent mind.

Technology mash infinity

Now the Question is that ‘Is Infinity something indefinite, undefined and incomplete or definite, defined and complete? ‘

Gauss once said, “All the physical real entities are finite”. Was he right?

We still need to find more about infinities and whether there is something like actual infinity or not.


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