Telsa Semi Truck tesla semi truck

Telsa Semi Truck – Driven by Battery (Semi Auto Drive)

Telsa Semi Truck – Driven by Battery (Auto Drive)

Telsa Semi Truck – Driven by Battery (Auto Drive)

Telsa Semi Truck – Elon Musk is back in the market with a bang. On Thursday night at Hawthorne California, Elon Musk presented his yet another masterpiece The Tesla Semi Truck. This is a total badass muscle truck which runs on a battery which is the coolest part of the brand new Tesla Semi Truck. Although the driver’s seat is on the center of the truck, As this is also different from other old skool trucks, which makes it more interesting. The truck can run for 400 miles just by charging it for 30 minutes. This makes me feel, future is really cool and interesting. This is a Semi Auto drive truck which means, The Auto Drive features will work on most of the places and highways but this is not fully auto drive.

tesla semi truck

The streamlined design of the truck makes it really faster and efficient. Elon Musk is going after big boyz just to make an impact on climate change. Ever since the launch of Model S, Over 200,000 of the Tesla Model S have been sold just in the United States. Over  250 million passengers are contributing towards the issue of Climate Change. Now coming back on the Tesla Semi Truck, CEO, Elon Musk said, “We want the truck to look good and accelerate like no other does”. Tesla Semi Truck can go from 0-60mph in 5 seconds even carrying heaviest of loads upto 80,000 lbs. Tesla Semi Truck consists of Tesla Armour glass which is 10 times stronger than the standard glass. The truck is faster, efficient and cheaper than a Diesel truck and saves 70 cents per mile traveling at a speed of 65 mph as compared to a diesel truck moving at a speed of 45mph. The truck has no gears, Just one gear which is Drive and is really smooth.  The truck has a way lot better drag coefficient than Bugatti Chiron hypercar.  The truck is just like a supercar. It feels like one is Driving Model S,  Just a bit larger in size.

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