technology mash Teleportation - The Magic of Quantum Mechanics

Teleportation – The Magic of Quantum Mechanics pulled of by China Recently

Teleportation – The Magic of Quantum Mechanics

Teleportation – The Magic of Quantum Mechanics – For all the Sci-fiction fans, Teleportation is a theory which has been flipping minds of Tech fiction fans for ages now. Even the thought of turning a phenomena like teleportation into a verity is beyond belief. Movie X-men shows a glance of what Teleportation can do with the matter.We people deliberate that this occurrence is altogether a magic.

But what if I tell you that it isn’t so!?
Let me bring this to your outright surprise that it isn’t some wizardy or deceptive magic, it is just pure and untainted physics.

For All of you thinking about What the heck is Teleportation?

Teleportation is the transfer of matter from one point to other without affecting the space between those two points. Since 1990’s Teleportation has been a hot topic for discussion. Teleportation can be achieved by someone who has a mastery in Quantum Mechanics, Energy of Particles, State, etc.

Scientists proposed in early 2000’s that the Teleportation of Macroscopic Objects is not possible whereas Teleportation of Microscopic objects can be possible using Quantum Physics.

A couple of months ago Chinese Scientists achieved Teleportation successfully. They teleported the properties of photons from ground to space at a distance of 870 miles or 1400 kms using the Theory of Quantum Mechanics. Properties of Photons were sent to a satellite named Micius (Quantum Teleportation Sattelite). The experiment proved the concept of Teleportation true. Basically, the information is traveling faster than the speed of light. This may be the start of something new. Teleportation to such long distances was just unbelievable. Researchers at Cornell say If we work a bit harder in this field, World Wide Web or what you call Internet will be a big flop in coming years. Instead, It will be replaced by Quantum Web which is thousand times faster and secure than World Wide Web. Quantum Computing, Coding, Security, Cryptography, etc, Scientists can see all this coming and a new field of Quantum Computing Science.

Albert Einstein called this effect “spooky action at a distance,” mainly to propose that the idea was absurd. As we say nobody is perfect, He was wrong this time around.

Now as this Experiment shows that the information has traveled faster than the speed of light, It diverts my thinking onto Time Travel on which I will be posting soon.

The Bottomline of the Article is that Teleportation is possible and is now a proven Concept.

Teleportation – The Magic of Quantum Mechanics


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