SynLight Artificial Sun technology mash

SynLight Artificial Sun and Hydrogen Energy

SynLight Artificial Sun and Hydrogen Energy

SynLight Artificial Sun
SynLight Artificial Sun is a project setup by German Aerospace Scientists. The project is set up in a 3 storied building which provides sunlight to the town of Julich. It consists of 149 Xenon lamps as the source of light which can provide upto 10000 times more intense sunlight than the normal sunlight that reaches earth. If the light generated from each of these Xenon lamps is concentrated at one single point, It can produce a temperature of 3500 C which is even higher than three times the temperature of a blast furnace.

SynLight was initially started to provide sunlight to small towns but now the scientists are using this to generate an alternative energy source. You all must be thinking its gotta be Solar Energy. No, It is not Solar Energy.It is the hydrogen energy extracted from Water Vapours. The researchers at SynLight reported that such energy can be developed using a similar kind of model but powering up these lamps requires a lot of electricity. So researchers proposed that what if we could generate all of this without powering up lamps but directly from sunlight. The only problem is the temperature intensity of sunlight is much less than the temperature achieved by powering these lamps. If we could solve the puzzle, We will have a new source of energy i.e Hydrogen Energy which can be used for powering up rockets, jets, airplanes, cars, etc. One more problem that would arise even if we can generate hydrogen fuel from these lamps is the amount of hydrogen energy produced. The amount of hydrogen energy required to fuel just one airplane with any CO2 fuel involved will be 50 times the amount we use now.

The total cost of the project was $5.3 million. In an hour, The whole setup uses the energy equivalent to the electrical energy used by a person in the household for the full one year.


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