How Rocketship Education Is Helping to Close The Educational Gap

How Rocketship Education Is Helping to Close The Educational Gap


One of the biggest disadvantages of children from lower-income families is the inability to get the type of education reserved for children from middle-income as well as higher-income families. Now, one network of charter schools is helping to close the educational gap. That school, Rocketship Education, has become a national model on how to give children from lower-income families a better education.

One shining example of Rocketship Education’s effectiveness in helping children from lower-income families is by creating a close relationship between the school, the students as well as the parents. Rocket Education maintains a close relationship with the students and parents to ensure everyone stays engaged in the educational process of the child.

Recently, some students from Rocketship Education were impacted by flooding in the San Jose area due to the Northern California floods. The school reached out to the children affected by the flood and helped them find temporary housing as well as a replacement for lost furniture and clothing. Using a fundraising program operated by volunteers known as “Rocketeers,” the school was able to raise over $62,000 for families affected by the flooding. It is this type of engagement that can help a child continue his education with little adverse impact from disasters and other unexpected events.

Rocketship Education teaches children more than just the standard lessons found in school textbooks. The school knows that a well-educated child should also be a responsible and caring child. That’s why the school has developed a program that enriches the child through a core value program. This program includes extracurricular programs that include art, music as well as gardening.

The core value program is an addition to Rocketship Education’s well-renowned STEM program that helps students master courses through the use of teamwork, critical thinking as well as the use of creativity. By creating a well-rounded program, a child is better equipped to learn at a higher level. And by giving the child core values, he is also prepared to become a positive citizen in the community.

Founded in 2006, Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter school network started in Northern California. The goal of the school is to provide children from lower-income backgrounds the opportunity to learn and achieve at a higher level and to close the educational gap between lower-income and higher-income children.

Rocketship Education is led by an experienced team of educators which includes co-founder and CEO Preston Smith. Prior to his founding Rocketship Education, Mr. Smith was the principal as well as the founder of LUCHA Elementary School in San Jose, California. The school is known for being the fourth best performing low-income school, in the state of California, after only three years in operation.

Close The Educational Gap

Today, Rocketship Education stands as one of the model charter school systems in the United States. Currently, there are dozens of charter locations in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as Nashville, Milwaukee, and Washington D.C. With an eye towards changing the way children learn, Rocketship Education is creating thousands of students ready to launch their way to a brighter future.

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