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Max Planck

Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck, also known as Max Planck was born in Kiel, Germany on April 23, 1858. He was a German physicist who won Noble Prize for his discovery for energy quanta in 1918.


By the age of 10, He shortened his name to just Max  Planck. In 1867, He and his family moved to Munich where he started his schooling at Maximilians Gymnasium School. He studied under the guidance of famous Mathematician Hermann Müller. Max Planck learned Mathematics, Astronomy, and Mechanics from his guide, Hermann Müller. Planck graduated at an early age of 17 years. Planck loved music and was a master in music by this time. He played piano, organ and cello and also composed operas and songs. In 1874, He started his studies in physics at the University of Munich where he was advised to change his subject of study as his professor said ‘Most of the things are already discovered in Physics’ but he didn’t want to change his subject of study as he was not interested in discovering new things but wanted to know about already discovered fundamentals of Subject.

Max Planck technologymash

During his time of study at University of Munich, He performed the only experiment of his life i.e Diffusion of Hydrogen through heated platinum and decided to shift onto Theoretical Physics. In 1877 he went to the Friedrich Wilhelms University in Berlin, where his interest in Thermodynamics got a pump.

In 1878, He started teaching Physics and Mathematics at his former school, University of Munich.In June 1880, he presented his habilitation thesis. Later he started working on the concepts of Heat Theory and discovered various inventions in Thermodynamics with the help of Gibbs whose work on entropy took a central role in all of Max Planck’s inventions.

In 1885, He was appointed as the professor of Theoretical Physics at University of Kiel. In 1897, He published Treatise on Thermodynamics. In 1887, Max Planck married Marie Merck.

In 1889 he was named as the successor to Kirchhoff’s position at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Berlin.  In 1894, He did some work on Black body Radiation and from 1894 to 1900, He kept working on Energy Quanta and discovered the famous equation E = hv. In 1907 Planck was offered Boltzmann’s position in Vienna, but refused inorder to stay in Berlin. In 1911, Max Planck married his second wife Marga von Hösslin. He retired on 10 January 1926, and was followed by Erwin Schrödinger at the University of Berlin. After this time he gave his contribution to various inventions such as Theory Of Relativity, Light Quanta, Photoelectric Effect, Electrodynamics, Emission Theory and a lot more. Planck died in 1947 at the age of 89. 

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