Human Cloning technology mash

Human Cloning The Doppelgangers

Human Cloning The Doppelgangers

Human Cloning is a process of creating genetical identicals of human beings. It is achieved by reproducing identical human cell and tissues. Human Cloning has been a hot topic to talk about since the start of the 21st century. There are two types of Human Cloning

  1.  Therapeutic cloning
  2. Reproductive Cloning

These are the 2 types of Theoretical Human Cloning Projects.

Therapeutic Cloning is used to clone cells from a living being and further using it for the purpose of Medicine and Transplants. This type of Cloning is commonly practiced on Animals.

Reproductive Cloning involves creating a full living being clone from a living being which is totally identical to the original after production. This type of Cloning is not in practice as of now but there are many secret research organizations already working on something similar.

Scientists have been successful in cloning animals and plants but not with human beings. It is indeed illegal to do so in most of the countries on earth.

Some Scientist believe it is possible using SCNT, A technique by which a cell which contains DNA is extracted from the parent subject. Then a enucleated egg is fused with the cloning subject DNA cell using electricity which will result in an embryo. This embryo can be implanted into a surrogate mother through the process of vito fertilization. Then the surrogate mother will further give birth to a Clone of the original DNA. The success rate is just 1% of the total. One in hundreds may give birth to a clone which is also just theoretical, not experimental or proven. The identical twin will look exactly like the original and would be practically the same person. The Same retina, fingerprint basically same DNA sequence.

Human Cloning technology mash

There are a lot of Ethical Issues associated with Human Cloning. For example, Multiple persons will have the same identity which will result in Social Problems, Many Religions does not allow Human Cloning, etc.

The bottom line is that The Human Cloning is possible and you may see this in the coming 15 – 20 years.

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