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Google Domains – Launches Worldwide

Google Domains – Launches Worldwide

Google Domains – Launches Worldwide. The most awaited Domain Registration Service is now online and available almost everywhere around the globe. I just started using google domains a week ago. The domain registration rates are quite reasonable as compared to the Quality of the Service Google provides but is still a bit costlier than other Domain Registrars. Google has added some functionality to the Domain Search Box Text Area, It not only shows whether a domain name is available or not but also lets us know the similar matching domain names which are available. As we all know about quality and Authenticity of Google products. Domain Name Registration by Google is now the Most Trusted Domain Registrar.


Google domains is also really easy to access as it is linked to your Google Account. Buyer doesn’t have to remember even a single password or PIN to access Google Domains. Apart from this Google provides free service to hide your Domain Registration Contact Details on Icann, Free DNS Web Hosting to Host your Website, Free Integration with WIX and Shopify, Free Google Sites Access to set up your basic website, DNS Forwarding, Email Forwarding to any Gmail account and a lot more.

The current version of Google Domains is Beta Version and will be surely improved in the coming time. Google Domains can also be linked to your Google Cloud Account very easily and you can develop your own Web apps and Websites and link it to your domain name. Google Domains can also be used to link domain names to your Blogger Account.

The Bottomline is, Transfer your domain to Google Domains now and enjoy free services from Google. Transferring is totally free, One has to just extend the domain registration for 1 year and pay one-year extension fee. The previous time left before expiration will also be added to your domain once transferred to Google Domains.


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