Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is the new Cloud Computing Service Provider. The platform consists of a vast range of services for App Development and Storage. The major Services provided by Google Cloud Platform are: –

  • Google App Engine 
  • Google Compute Engine 
  • Google Container Engine 
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google Cloud Data Flow
  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Cloud DataProc

Google App Engine: – Paas (Platform as a Service) with good packages and scalability options available. Developers will have to use SDK’s for developing Apps. Apps will be deployed or ran on Google App Engine.

Google Compute Engine: – Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) which provides loads of space for VM (Virtual Machine) Instances.

Google Container Engine: – A Management System for docker containers. It is totally based on Google Kubernetes.

Google Cloud Storage: – It is a place to store large data sets on Cloud Safely and Securely. Google Cloud Storage has come up with some great security measures to prevent Data Sets from Unauthorised Acess even when shared on the same server.

Google Cloud Data Flow: – It is a data processing service which is basically intended for analytics purpose.

Google BigQuery: – It is a service used for processing SQL queries on large Data Sets efficiently.

Google Cloud DataProc: – This Service provides Big Data and ApacheSpark Services.


Google Cloud Platform database


Google Cloud Platform frastructure

Blog & CMS

Blog & CMS blog cms


Google Cloud Platform crm


According to my Evaluation, This a top notch product and will surely compete with AWS (Amazon Web Services). It will surely go past AWS because, It is faster, cheaper, secure, Supports per minute billing functionality and has powerful analytics tools.

1 Year free trial of Google Cloud Platform is also cool. Google provides with $300 to spend within its Cloud Platform for free and no auto-renewal payments unlikely Amazon Web Services.

Google will surely motivate many firms to migrate to Cloud instead of working with those large Servers.


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