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Galileo Galilei – Life Events

Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei was born in Arcetri, Italy on February 15, 1564. He was an Italian mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, physicist, and professor who laid the foundation for physics and astronomy in early days. His contributions to the Motion, Inertia, parabola trajectories, astronomy, law of falling bodies, the strength of materials and a lot more,  were very valuable to the early days of Modern Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics.

He created a telescope and was interested in the Copernican theory, which explains that the sun is the center of the solar system.

In 1570, Galileo and family moved to Florence where he started his schooling at a monastery school. Later in 1581, He enrolled himself to study medicine at University of Pisa but was really attracted towards Mathematics and wanted to study Mathematics. Just a few months later, He decided to study mathematical subjects and philosophy despite a lot of protest by his father. In 1585 Galileo dropped out of the university without graduating with a degree and gave private mathematical subjects lessons for several years in the in Florence and Siena. In 1588 Galileo applied for the position of a mathematics professor at the University of Bologna but was denied by the university.

In 1609, Galileo Galilei researched about a telescope built by Dutch eyeglass makers. He soon started developing telescope of his own. Later, he demonstrated it to some famous rich Vietnamese merchants, who were pretty impressed and saw its benefits for spotting ships and gave Galileo an order to manufacture several of them for double salary. He also was observing the moon and other space with his newly developed Telescope. During this time he found that Planet Venus has phases and there are other moons that revolve around the Jupiter and not around Earth. Just after some years, He was strangled into politics and had some law suits against him relating to the Copernican Theory. He kept researching and proving things mathematically until he came across the topic of comets. Comets was an interesting topic for him.In 1623, He published his famous book on comets called ‘The Assayer’.

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In 1624, He went to Rome and had 6 interviews with Urban VIII. Galileo Galilei told the pope about his theory of the tides and he presented it as proof of the annual motion of the Earth. Just a few years after this He wanted to publish something relating to the Copernican theory but was initially criticized but later had the permission of Pope. He faced a lot of problems getting it through the Censor Board. Finally after years of Hard work he was able to get the book to Florence.

Galileo Galilei technology mash

In 1934, He was 70 years old and thought to publish all his research and hardwork throughout the years. Finally, he published a lot of material on Science of Motion, Strength of Materials, Theory of Falling objects, Telescope, Parabolic Motion, Constant Speed, Uniform Acceleration and a lot more. By 1642, Galileo Galilei became blind and spent a lot of his time with young talents. He died on 8th of January 1642.

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