ERP Softwares

ERP Softwares

Enterprise Resource  Planning Systems commonly referred to as ERP has become a necessity for every product based company. Even Software based companies require ERP Systems these days. This piece of Software is all about management of Resources, Transactions, Financials, Inventory and a lot more. It does not only makes management easy but also keeps a record of every move your company makes.

Advantages of an ERP System –

  • Makes Management Easy
  • Good for tracking progress of company
  • Analytics
  • Resource Management
  • Productivity
  • Transactions
  • Easy to Use
  • Instant Access to Data


Disadvantages of an ERP System –

  • Expensive
  • Difficult to use in some cases
  • Maintenance
  • Data Management Problems
  • High-Speed Servers Required


Now How to choose a good ERP System?

Since A good ERP System is fast, reliable, easy to use, cheap, generates analytical reports, etc.

Choosing an ERP System can be a hell lot of a headache. Steps that a firm should follow before choosing an ERP System are: –

  • What kind of Resources do you plan to manage e.g Transactions, Invoicing, Sales, Service, Parts, Trading, etc
  • If your firm is probably Big Shot, You should go for ERP’s like Infor, Microsoft, SAP etc. else look for a Customized ERP Software from a Software Development Firm.
  • Ask about Reporting and Analysis functionality in your Software. It can boost your sales is hell lot useful.
  • Ask for a Cloud Setup for your Software as it can be accessed anywhere and anytime, Don’t get me started on Cloud Computing.It is like Cristiano Ronaldo of Computing (Always Working, Best Performance, Fit and Fine)
  • Last but not least, Do not cut a deal which is overpriced, Always reach out for alternate options. There are tons of companies waiting for clients like you and do your work for cheaper prices just to build their portfolio and reputation.


That is all I can say for now. Contact us in case you need assistance.

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