How to create bots to automate tasks? technology mash

How to create bots to automate tasks – An Overview

How to create bots to automate tasks?

How to create bots to automate tasks?

Creating bots has never been easy. If a person knows the basics on how does a program work, He can master the art of Bot creation in no time. There was a time when this was a big achievement but nowadays due to advancements in the technologies and increase in the number of libraries offered by programming languages, Automating the tasks has just become a joke. Abstraction or PCAP(Primitive Combination of Abstract Patterns)  has been in lot use these days and one can just know what the function does and use it directly in code without knowing its inner code or flow or functioning. For example, Google API’s just give you a function name to use and defines what the function does without exposing the inner code of the function. Abstraction is really good in a way to ease the processes.

For Automating tasks on your PC or web, We need to learn the basic syntaxes of Python which will help us integrate the various open source python codes to achieve our automation goal. We won’t be exactly reading the codes of libraries but will use them directly in our code.

  1. Start of with installing Sublime Text Editor

How to create bots to automate tasks? technology mash

2. Install Python 2.7 and set the environment variables.

3. Goto C:\Python27\  (If you can see the Scripts folder Follow step a else follow step b)

a) Check for in Scripts folder

b) Download and Open cmd and Navigate to the folder where you have placed from                            command line using cd command and  Type in python 

4. Search for python libraries to be used for automation tasks and Navigate to  C:\Python27\Scripts and Run pip             install library_name_to_be_used

5. Search for functions available in the library and call the functions from Sublime Text Editor after using import             library_name_to_be_used on the top of the program and Run the bots.

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