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Space Research Advancements SpaceX – Human Settlement on Mars

Human Settlement on Mars

Human Settlement on Mars

Human Settlement on Mars has been a subject of intense discussion these days. As we all know Depletion of Natural Resources, Global Warming, Pollution Earthquakes  Tsunami’s, etc will be a challenge for the human race in near future. Astronomers, Scientists, and Researchers have been finding some way to save humanity and to find life on any other planet in this solar system. Mars has been a good fit for this purpose because of its distance from the sun and easy access from Earth. The presence of water, nutrients and the surface conditions make this planet habitable. Colonisation of Mars has been a dream project for many companies, researchers, and scientists.

Mars One, SpaceX and NASA are also working on achieving the same. Permanent colonization on a planetary body other than the Earth is purely science fiction stuff. As the technology is advancing day by day the argument about space colonization has gained a lot of attention as well as momentum.

NASA sources reveal that they will be able to colonize Mars by 2030.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX has all the blueprints of plans to achieve this by 2020 but the only thing he lacks is fund and aid from any government organization to support such a huge project. But he may still land his two giant Dragon Landers on Mars to achieve this.


Elon Musk plans on sending 100 people at a time on a single interplanetary space shuttle with all the things required to set up human colonies on Mars. SpaceX Dragon is specially designed to carry Cargo and take humans to space. The total launch payload weight will be 6000 Kg (13,228 lbs)and a total launch payload volume of 688 cubic ft.

During the latest test of SpaceX Dragon, Dragon traveled from 0-100 mph in 1.2 seconds, reaching a max velocity of 345 mph. The bottom line is SpaceX has been working really hard on this and we hope they achieve real success in immediate future.

space x technology mash Human Settlement on Mars 2


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