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Bermuda Triangle – The Devil’s Triangle

Bermuda Triangle – The Devil’s Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is a region near the western part of North Atlantic Ocean. It is named Bermuda Triangle as it forms a triangular region between Bermuda, State of Florida and Puerto Rico. There have been reports of missing aircrafts, ships and other means of transportation when passing through this region. There is a mystery behind this region for sure, Although reputable sources deny the fact.

technology mash bermuda triangle

The unusual disappearances started in 1950’s. By the end of 1970’s, There were hundreds of reports of missing aircrafts, ships, etc. Some sources reported Paranormal Activities in this area whereas many other sources believed in the presence of Extraterrestrial life.

In 1972 an explosion took place in this area and the tank sank into the water. It is believed that all the bodies were lost except the Captain of the ship.

There have been a lot of attempts to explain this behavior of this triangular area, Some of them are :-

  • There is some leftover technology from the mythical continent of Atlantis which causes this unusual behaviour.
  • There is a wormhole in that region.
  • A UFO from space fell into this area, Since then it supports Extraterrestrial life with aliens having unexplained powers.
  • There are a lot of compass problems in this area which points to local magnetic anomalies in the region as compasses show natural magnetic variations.
  • Weather conditions in the area is also believed to be a problem for these kinds of incidents. Hurricanes and powerful storms are very common in this region.
  • Methane hydrates theory has been the most convincing one till date which relates to the presence of large methane hydrates on the continental shelves. Periodic methane eruptions may produce frothy water which is incapable of providing buoyancy to the ships and may also decrease the density of water. A similar experiment was carried out in Australia, that indeed this situation can sink in a ship model during the experiment.

These are all the explanations by different people, But no one could actually prove the actual reason behind the abnormal behaviour of the Devil’s Triangular Region.


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