• How to Record your Android Screen with the YouTube Gaming App February 27, 2018
    Learn how to record a screencast video on your Android phone with the YouTube app. You can either live stream your phone screen directly to YouTube or record the screencast video, edit it and then upload to YouTube with no additional software. The app is free and contains no advertising.
    Amit Agarwal
  • How to Embed Images from Google Photos into your Website February 25, 2018
    Learn how to embed any image from your Google Photos album directly into your website, email templates or web forums. You can embed images in their original high resolution and the size of the embedded images can be easily changed by manipulating the embed link.
    Amit Agarwal
  • The Best Android Apps of 2018 February 24, 2018
    Do more on your Android phone with our picks of the best Android Apps from the Google Play store. The top list includes essential apps that every Android phone must have and the lesser-known apps that will make your digital life a lot easier!
    Amit Agarwal
  • How to Make Pixel Paintings with Google Spreadsheets February 22, 2018
    Learn how to create impressive pixel paintings and emoji artwork with Google Spreadsheets. You can convert any image into beautiful pixel art with one click and impress people!
    Amit Agarwal
  • How to Keep your Folders on FTP Server and Google Drive in Sync February 20, 2018
    Learn how to connect your FTP server with cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. Automatically transfer files and keep the folders on FTP server and Google Drive in sync.
    Amit Agarwal

  • Watch Deadpool introduce the X-Force in new Deadpool 2 trailer March 22, 2018
    It’s the most anticipated Josh Brolin-starring Marvel movie coming out this year – no, not that one. The one with the dick jokes. Deadpool 2 arrives in theaters on May 18, and you can check out the longest look we’ve had yet at what’s in store for the highly-anticipated sequel above. Looks like it’s not deviating […]
    Darrell Etherington
  • Skyline AI raises $3M from Sequoia Capital to help real estate investors make better decisions March 22, 2018
    Skyline AI, an Israeli startup that uses machine learning to help real estate investors identify promising properties, announced today that it has raised $3 million in seed funding from Sequoia Capital. The round will be used to build its tech platform and hire experts in data science and machine learning. Founded in 2017 and headquartered […]
    Catherine Shu
  • Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is the way to wean yourself off of DSLRs March 22, 2018
    Samsung has a new smartphone out, the Galaxy S9 (and S9+). It’s the latest flagship from one of the top smartphone makers in the world, but this year’s version has a lot in common with last year’s model, at least on the surface. The big focus (lol) this year was on the camera, and for […]
    Darrell Etherington
  • Cloudflare introduces free network monitoring tool for mobile app developers March 22, 2018
    When Cloudflare acquired Neumob, a mobile performance startup last fall, it was a sign that the company wanted to move beyond web performance into helping mobile app developers understand what’s happening at the network level. Today, the company introduced Cloudflare Mobile SDK, a free tool which could help developers understand network-level performance problems. Cloudflare’s co-founder […]
    Ron Miller
  • Watch Alexa meet the funniest family on the Internet March 22, 2018
    Presented without comment: the cutest Alexa video available on the Internet today featuring Lauren eLL, her Dad, and Grandma. It has it all – laughs, cursing, and Hillary-bashing and Lauren even posted a reaction video showing the real life Nanna and Dad watching themselves as confused cartoons.
    John Biggs